The Canada-Netherlands Cyber and Security Technologies Soft Landing Platform

Earlier, this year, we were accepted into the The Canada-Netherlands Cyber and Security Technologies Soft Landing Platform. As a result, I am wrapping up my second visit to the Hague Security Delta (HSD) from another full week of meetings with potential clients and partners. It has been a wonderful experience and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have helped us. Special gratitude goes out the following individuals and groups who helped us in this program:

1. Canadian Embassy staff Robyn in the Netherlands for several introductions.
2. Innovation Quarter staff Chris, Philip and Martijn for taking me out when I was jet lagged to show me sights, educate me to conducting business in NL and most of all providing introductions to companies.
3. Martin@HSD for many introductions and connecting me with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
4. Bernadette formerly of InvestOttawa who provided the intro to Innovation Quarter

Over the next few months we are hopeful to see the fruits of our labour in NL. If this goes real well, we could be setting up our first international office in the Hague as well. If your a SMB in Canada looking for new markets realize that there are programs and people who are there to help you in the Netherlands. Canada and the Netherlands have a great relationship as a result of WWII and this mutual friendship should not be underestimated. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like more details and contact information on the program.