Exploring Open Markets for SMBs

As your probably aware, last year around this time we were accepted in to a soft landing program run under Invest Ottawa and the Hague Security Delta. My trips were quite educational and I got to meet a lot of companies in a very short period. Due to my success at these meetings, CanadExport has written an article on the trip and the programs for small businesses.

Given the current state of our world, we as SMBs in Canada need to find open markets to sell our goods and services. We also have a great support system to help us in this journey in the trade commissioners. I would personally recommend you reach out them and using their vast knowledge of local markets and ability to facilitate your first meetings. It will save you effort and frustration. If you ever want to pick my brain on your strategy on global markets please reach out to me. I will share my contacts and my experience with you.

The article on Hague visit is located here: http://tradecommissioner.gc.ca/canadexport/0001082.aspx?lang=eng