Hive Sense Update

Well we finally got data flowing from our network and the hives. It was a long winter and while we tried to get all the components wired and tested Mother Nature had other ideas for us. That included snowing, sleet, and even rain. We also found the maximum useable temperatures for plastic conduit and other parts we used to setup the infrastructure. Not to mention on our last day we had one of our team get serious sun burned and it was 35C in May! Yet despite all of these challenges we got streaming data.

As of yesterday, we have been collecting data since 8:36 AM EST Thursday May 18th. It was interesting to realized that bees dont need to sleep and are working all night apparently. As we progress the program we will be adding new features. The beekeepers at Algonquin College (aka the professors from the Culinary program) have informed us the they will be add 5 more hives this weekend. We are looking forward to having more data points and also as different genius of bees. It will be interesting to see what differences if any to the behaviour over the summer.

One more note, we will be testing a mobile app over the summer that will provide a real time of the bee hives that you can shared your teams and bee enthusiasts. More on that later.



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