Facebooks fall from grace…..its just the beginning

This week I finally felt jubilation due to the Facebook story. Not that I want to celebrate in anyones down fall that is not it all but for years I have been telling people the dangers of using this service. Many laughed and poked fun at me and even told me I watched too many James Bond movies.

Well, I think what is really scary is that this incident only skims the surface to the true problem. What are all these social media and cloud services companies doing with our data? Even all telecom providers collect all your internet access traffic and sell this for money. Yes my friends we are fully monitored welcome to 1984.

I hope this serves as a wake up call to users globally you really need to think about what a “free” service is really about. The “free” aspect is your data, companies have to make money and you better determine what you are giving up before you jump in. Start with their privacy policy and then look at the data they are collecting or possibly collection. For example, pictures, conversations, even your mood that day, everything is up for grabs. If this information was leaked would it cause any damage to you or those close to you.

It is also refreshing to see so many people wake up to the fact that their privacy matters. And it does! In many ISO meetings, we constantly have members saying individuals don’t care about their privacy anymore. I have been arguing the opposite position. Many users just don’t understand the implications of the data being captured, analyzed and sold. Now they do…..or at least they are waking up to it.

Now the next issue that is bound to be exposed is Google and all the data they collect on school kids. As many school boards use Google due to operational cost and most kids use this platform for email and all documents, who is buying this access and usage data? These are the questions we need to be asking as parents, educators and regulators. This will be next data breach we find ourselves involved in.


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