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Not only is TwelveDot helping companies and organizations with security, we are actively participating in several standards and industry groups.  Our goal is to provide our expertise to help protect not only our Canadian interests but our global customers.

Groups and Associations:

  1. ISO/IECsc27

We are involved in multiple committees under ISO/IEC currently these include SC27 Information Technology Security, WG10 Internet of Things, and TC65 on Industrial Control Systems.

SC27 is the sub committee that focuses on the development of security standards for ISO/IEC. The more famous of the standards include the 27000 series and ISO 15408 for Common Criteria. However, with 5 Working Groups in SC27 we also cover off crypto, networking, and privacy. 

Faud Khan {our CEO and Founder} is currently the Chair for SMC-SC27 which is the mirror committee for SC27 in Canada.

More info can be found here.

  1. Cloud Computing Alliance

The CSA has been setup to as group focused on the development of cloud computing operating principles and security. Since last year we have been contributing on several documents produced by CSA and participating on several committees. These include the telecom working group (TWG) and the newly founded Security Council.

More information can be found here.

  1. Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)itac

The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is the voice of the Canadian information and communications technologies (ICT) industry. ITAC represents a diverse ICT community spanning telecommunications and internet services, ICT consulting services, hardware, microelectronics, software and electronic content.

We currently participate in the cyber security forum and TwelveDot is currently a corporate member as well.

More information can be found here.

   4. Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa is a great resource for SMBs in CYOW area code. They have provided us LOTs of resources and opened lots of our doors for our little company. If your a start-up or even an established company check them out. They have lots of courses that your staff would benefit from and the cost is usually quite minimal.

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