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Preparing for a cloud deployment is tough enough - let us take on the security and privacy aspects. We can work with both administrative and technical teams to conduct a Technical Risk Assessment (TRA) and outline the risks that need to be addressed. This includes creating an Action Plan (AP) with your project team to implement these new system and process controls.


While mobile has surpassed web for development projects, many programs lack even a basic System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) discipline. As a result, apps are created that lack security threat modelling and security gates that evaluate any new programming risk that might of been introduced to the source code.


IoT is the future of technology and takes many aspects of mobile and cloud to a whole new level. While many companies are still considering their options in this developing market, the time is right to identify the risk posture of the potential solution and ensure that security and privacy have been designed into your solution.


Our Virtual CSO service was designed to help companies of all sizes get the needed guidance when and where they need it. We aim to be your one-stop for guidance on any project where security and privacy are important but that you don’t have adequate resources to provide the necessary support.


Businesses have long struggled with how to handle the unfortunate moment when a network intrusion becomes a data breach. The security team at TwelveDot has developed a pre- and post- breach methodology to help organizations prepare for the day when a compromise to privileged data occurs.


Building and maintaining an ISMS (Information Security Management System) is not always easy - especially for larger organizations who have already developed processes and procedures for managing risk. However, more governments, financial institutions and even software vendors now require partners to be compliant with ISO/ IEC 27001.


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TwelveDot was created to help businesses of all size deal with information and cyber security issues. While organizations of all sizes struggle to ensure their data and operations are secure on a daily basis, many miss vital warning signs that something is amiss. Often data breaches trigger a focus on security, but it doesn’t have to be that extreme. We help companies better understand their true data risks and how their teams can manage that effectively on a daily basis. We help demystify the marketing speak of security solutions and focus on the risk and exposure elements. Only then can an organization truly offer a solution that is both secure and user friendly. TwelveDot is devoted to being your unbiased, objective and collaborative partner. We respect your privacy and do not share your sensitive information nor do we keep your data.

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