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Message From Our Founder

When I started TwelveDot, I wanted to fill a void that was lacking in many big box security consulting companies — namely a global perspective. While many big box global consulting firms offer local resources around the globe, the resources have no global expertise. I wanted to share our global context and expertise with customers both in Canada and around the globe. This includes the standards work we have completed and will continue to develop in both ISO and ITU. We believe it is very important to base our advice on accepted and recognized security best practices. While we have a range of services to help companies, we focus on technologies and solutions around mobile, cloud and IoT. Many companies are struggling to secure these solutions. Connect with us to see how we can help you solve your security challenges. Chances are we’ve already helped someone like you solve a similar problem. - Faud Khan

Our Team

Faud Khan

Chief Security Analyst

Kevin Thomson

Senior Security Analyst

Tom Boyle

Senior, Infrastructure Security Analyst

Johann Amsenga

Senior Cyber and Engineering Analyst

Wayne Hendry

Community Manager

Jared Broughton

Head Developer, Web and App Pen Testing

Abhishek Joshi

SW and HW Engineer

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