At the recent IEC SC 41 Working Group and Plenary Meetings in Chongquin, CN. Our CEO and Convenor of AG 15 and AG 22 within SC41 presented at the Industry Workshop. It was well attended by government dignitaries, industry, local media and students.

Our presentation was focused on the testing and evaluation considerations for IoT products/solutions. This is based on the work we are doing with companies such as CSA Group for formal testing and evaluation and the development of a bi-national standard, T200, that reflects this need for product companies to have both a secure organization and products.

The goal is to have a cyber label on products for organizations who can demonstrate a security maturity. More details are contained in the presentation SC41 – TwelveDot_v1.


Well it has been a long wet summer but we are making progress on HiveSense. We are working on the iOS version of the mobile monitoring app and will be testing that over the next few months as we finalize the wiring of all the new hives at Algonquin College.

Over this time, we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Deborah MacAskill from the CBC Radio One. It was a great morning at the hives demonstrating and discussing what we have done and where we want to go. It was also entertaining to see Deborah kinda scared in the hives (don’t worry I was nervous my first time as well). Over the last year, I have learned to live with the bees and not to eat a banana due the pheromones your body will produce. Apparently they are the same as those produced by bees to signal a threat to the hive. I feel sorry for the first guy who figured this one out!

Over the next few months, we look forward to validating our new hardware boards and get the cameras capturing before the snow flies again.

This project is part of a joint initiative between our sister company TwelveDot Labs and Algonquin College. You can see more details on our HiveSense web site. If your interested in getting involved in the program please reach out to us on our contact page.

The HiveSense Team

PS Here are some pics from the day!

And a preview of our mobile app

On June 20th, 2017, RISC will be held in Bangalore, India. It is a one day cyber security conference focused on issues around IoT security. Delegates will have the opportunity to attend a wide array of sessions to learn more security concepts and approaches to creating more secure IoT products and solutions.

Our CEO will giving a keynote presentation entitled “IoT Security – Preventing a Global Disaster”. While it sounds ominous it really focuses learning from the bad and what we can do as an industry to correct this before it becomes really dangerous.

Hope to you see you there.


Today as CEO of TwelveDot, I was fortunate to be able to present a talk entitled “The Attack Surface of Aircraft” at the first Labour Market Strategy Day hosted by the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA). The well represented aviation sector group that was there discussed how labour issues are impacting the aviation sector – not unlike the way labour issues are impacting the cyber security industry. Although this was not a cyber event, the goal was to educate attendees about how cyber security is going to change all of this.

My presentation opened with details on how aircraft are currently being targeted by hackers but then focused on the necessary skills that are required to deal with this and complete testing of this magnitude. Both the aviation and cyber security industries are experiencing the same labour shortage and issues so we need a national strategy going forward. And it will need the support of academia, government and industry .

The session generated some great discussions and there seems to be consensus that Canada needs a national strategy. CCAA will work with members to draft some concepts of bringing all relevant parties together to grow this Labour Market Strategy Day and TwelveDot is ready to make its contribution here. Lastly, in case you did not know, Canada is actually #5 for aviation solutions globally…….not too shabby.