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What’s in your tickle trunk?

As we are a small growing cyber security company servicing customers globally, we have learned a thing or two about working virtually and the tools that make this easier and safer. Here are some of the software tools we use.

  1. Basecamp. For managing projects, keeps us all on the same page. Use a browser or your mobile device allows you stay connected to project develop even when on the road. No, we do not keep any customer data on this site. If we need to provide secure content we use S/MIME or encrypt files and post them in secure containers.
  2. Kapersky AV and Anti-Malware. Just get it and use it on your laptop and mobile device even on a Mac we have seen some “interesting” things.
  3. iVPN. We don’t trust hotel and public WiFi and neither should you. Get a VPN service for these occasions. It will save your A$$.
  4. Protect your files in an encrypted files and folder with OpenPGP. Install it to protect those critical project and personal files including emails. We would also recommend this if you are using cloud storage providers such as Drop Box. Don’t trust others with your data.
  5. Alfred the ultimate app launcher.  We have started using this after it was mentioned at the local CocoaHeads meeting… did we live without it?
  6. Reflector. This app lets you share what is on your mobile with either your customers or other members of your development team. Great utility when you are giving remote demos during a webinar.

Hope you find them helpful.



Viewing your iPhone files

If your a iPhone user on either Mac or Windows and want to transfer files back and forth quickly you have to check out iPhone Explorer. This free application allows you to open a file view of a either a iPhone or iPod device and view/open the stored contents.

If you want to save files for transport for a meeting or back some pics you took a trip….not a problem just connect your device and your in business.

I have a ipod classic with 160GB that I travel with primarily for music, now I can easily back-up my pics before I head back home or just to my next stop on the trip. With the failure rates of HD’s these days its just a matter of time before the disk in my MBP will die suddenly. This utility ensures that I have a copy of critical files and documents for a meeting. I have learned that you can never take for granted a possible technology failure when on the road. Tools like this can help to save your bacon and your reputation.

Now there is the other side of this tool that you should be aware of and that is the ability for someone who has lifted to your device to see your data. That includes those raunchy party pics for last Friday, or that video from  a hockey game where you had too many hot dogs and had to blow chow on the subway, yes the world might be witnessing your greatest moments. My advice…. do not keep video or pictorial evidence of any racy act. Stories you can denied, pictures can be doctored but are harder to claim innocence. Now eat your brussels sprouts and get back to work. I am done lecturing for the day.

Check it out here: