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Mobile Gaming App Security 101

Mobile Game App SecurityMobile gaming app hacks are on the rise and will only continue to grow unless developers become enlightened. Developers need to understand long term impact of mobile gaming app security. Having your gaming app hacked can have a large impact on revenue, branding and even the survival of your company.

The cost of securing a mobile gaming app is minimal in comparison the potential loss. Developers fail to understand the consequences are always focused on their time to market, 99% of the time neglecting security.

Common vulnerabilities include:

  • in-app purchases being hacked
  • reverse engineering of code
  • repackaging of application ( cloning )
  • malware
  • game assets like artwork being reverse engineered
  • piracy ( very high rates )
  • personal data theft

This all translates to lost revenue. So would it not be better to invest a few dollars now and look to securing your app and the reap the rewards of your work for the long term or generate limited revenue short term?