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bv02 + TwelveDot Labs = Evolutions

Last fall we started a project with our partner bv02 and The Canadian Museum of Nature to explore using iBeacons in a museum environment. This pilot project called “Evolutions” was located in the Mammal Gallery and was launched Dec. 23. TwelvedDot worked with the design team at bv02 to create a mobile application that would demonstrate the value that iBeacons can bring to a museum environment.

“Evolutions” tracked user’s journey through an exhibit by interacting with the iBeacons to take blobs and evolving them into creatures. Users had to discover the full exhibit or risk their creature dying. At the end of the game users were rewarded with fully developed creatures if they find all the iBeacons.

The pilot spanned a three-week period and demonstrated that users were willing to download the app and use it immediately. Users were able to find the beacons easily and fun interacting with their creatures too.

If you are planning an iBeacon deployment of your own here are some tips to make it a smooth project:
1. Setting the scope early and understand what data is “required” and “needed” to be collected on users.
2. Design an app that users can identify with and that leverages your organizations brand. Find a digital creative agency that can create a UX and graphics that give the app personality! This is key to the overall success of your iBeacon based app.
3. Do a physical site visit as soon as possible and determine possible locations for beacons. Consider possible EMI that might be caused by other electrical devices including WiFi APs. If you have a complicated setup, you may need to conduct a spectrum analysis on your site. This can be costly but might not be required.
4. Initial testing should include tuning beacon signal strength and analytics engine is properly collecting data.
5. Collect application data to get a sense how users are using the app.

As a final point, respect your users privacy and only collect data that is required to monitor your app. Once collected it is best to just keep the trend data and securely delete the rest. Always make users aware of your data collection practices and privacy policy.

More details on this project are located on the bv02 site. http://bit.ly/1uEkOKx

For this project we chose Estimote iBeacons.