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Windows java malware on a Mac??

Recently my Sophos scan found some Java based malware. Not a problem however as these variants are only exploitable on Windows. What is scary, is that these were obtained by surfing just regular news, weather, and sports web sites.

When I referenced these from the Sophos site, I was able to confirm that no threat really existed because I use a Mac. However, I am still wondering, how these came to be and what specific sites placed them there? And why did neither my Mac OS nor Sophos identify these when they were written to my cache?

So those of us who still believe that Mac is a safe platform must change our way of thinking.  It’s just a matter of time until the ability to execute these vulnerabilities against the Mac OS is realized.

If you use a Mac and get these threats you can easily remove them using rm in the Terminal app. Here’s a sample of the command I used:

MB-Pro:~ Pinocchhio$ rm /Users/Pinocchio/Library/Caches/Java/cache/6.0/35/567a9a23-372cd479

Once removed, rescan your system and it “should” not locate the malware.